Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tomorrow will be sunday and it's going to be the day. I'll keep on praying things will be just fine... amen. And yesterday we've done the canvas. khemah. penat gila ni mau buat. it was of course damn heavy than i expected it to be.

Basically, these are the things we need.

Acha start buat -

United we stand. Really. hehe

They working real hard in doing this!!!

And.. the result.

So, hopefully, everything will go smooth. i kept mentioned it to the AJKs " Make sure kamu tau peranan kamu, tia mau kelam kabut, standby, ready2.." hehehe.. takut ba, it was my first project ive done as pengarah projek. got 250 students with lecturers lagi. huhu harap2 ok la. huhu kamu pray tuk sa aaa.. hehehe

and, last tuesday i had a free lunch from my ex-supervisor in SSL, Betclis in Kenny Roger's. kenyang tahap dewa ni. Since dia bilang dia yang mau blanja, so sa pun dengan tia tau malunya mengorder la spagetti ma mango juice. Vanilla muffin also. Thank u Kolok!!!


Curi makanan kolok hehehe

Sweeeet.. sori ar Bbey, sa upload ni pic :P

Also, last saturday im going out with my buddies, Gomoi & alex, Beth and little girl Dylannie and my dear. we had a short walk in 1Borneo, Beth had to rush back with her waiting hubby.

Childhood bestfriends :)

And, we went to this Tune store. I love the teddy bears, i saw some taking pic with the giant bear but i only managed to snap this hehe... :P hehehehe...

Will update soon.

Take Care :)

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