Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sports Fiesta ~

The sports fiesta finally done. I AM so GLAD!! now, i dont have to kasi pening my kepala thinking about it nemore. It was nice. altho there're some part when all of us, the AJKs, were so stress and kedut di dahi pun nampak ni. hehe.. The activity was started at 8.15am altho it was scheduled at 7.00am. The students start naik bus at 7.30am. Terpaksa kasi hon itu bus mau kasi bangun the students. I know2.. it's Sunday ~ and some students were still in their way of dreaming. but, have no other choice lehh..... :)

So, the students sampai.. they registered and chit chat lagi among them. I had to use the healer, to ask them pigi d padang. ~ Lame....Lame...~ and it's almost 8am, some still chitchating.. so, i was like... " Okayyyyyyy......."

Ivan and Andy done the senaman pagi. It was unplanned. It was Ray who supposed to do the aerobik but he moved backward as soon as he arrived there.. and so funny, these two guys men hantam saja buat senaman. Students di padang pun ikut saja. Dorang pusing kiri, the students pun pusing kiri, da yang garu kepala lagi ni. The IL*** promised to do the PS System but NONE of the staff were there. So, me and Felix terpaksa pigang itu healer then pasang lagu dari my phone.. Bingung juga sa mula-mula cari lagu rancak, sebab it was my Jay Chou's in my playlist. In the end, we played this ALIZEE J'en ai marre and it played repeatedly.

So, the first game was this Bowling Kelapa. Funny juga sebab da muka yang confident sekali none of the pin falled... hehehe...

The lecturers men juga. Da yang t'buang kelapa jauh ni. In the picture, was Mdm Betsy, our favourite lecturer. She managed kasi jatuh 3 sja maa from dua pusingan. hehe.. kan Mdm? hehe.. i know, im not that good either. At least, she managed to hit 3 pins :P hehe..

Next game was this men getah. Or rather Zero point. It was Girls and guys who played. Lucu juga. The game The Rock was played at the same time ( originally known as Batu Seremban ) but sa tia sempat ambi pic. i was so busy supporting these lads jumping. hehe

Next, this ikat kaki pecah belon.. blum lagi men, suda pecah itu belon. It's getting hot and hot there!!!! So, da yang lari2 kasi save belon skali.. Cracccckkk... Guess pa yang jadi?? bukan belon yang pecah, sluar ba yang kuyak. hahaha... duiii gia, Kesian ni tu student. Tapi dia hepi juga even sluar dia kuyak hehehe... Tu ba semangat yang kita mau :P hehehehe

Then, men tarik upih pinang. sa tia tau pa tu english. Pull Pinang Leaves?? hehe.. * No pics but video available*..

After suma suda penat, we had this makan tembikai competition. It looking so tasty and it occupied my mind the whole day! Teda lebihan lagi tu....

And before we having our lunch, we had this Red Carpet Fashion Show lagi. They were given newspaper, glue and red ropes to make a pair clothes. So creative i can say, some even acted proposing his princess and made the ring from newspaper.. I forgot who's the winner ~ wink~ suma bagus ni.

Everyone NEEDS food for energy, right Ivan?
And, can you believe that one of the student actually eat this ...>>>

Vutod!!.. Yumie!! ~ we didnt ask her to eat but she insisted to do so. That's why she received the most sporting student - price that day. :) Mum says it tasty.

And the activity was continued with tressure hunt at 2.00pm. We actually done it sikit-sikit macam amazing race, tapi teda kertas@ clue la hehe.. basically, there're 10 pits excluding pit stop. Macam-macam kana suruh buat in each pit. Including holding the Vutod! ...

So, petang around 4pm, kami abis the family day.. Yeahhh~~ Hepi ~~ tapi trus rushing balik bilik sebab mau pigi Nexus, da dinner huhuhu... * will post it later *

It was a RELIEF. Yay!

Thank You to all the AJKs, i know we all had less slept that day. Thanks so much! I wish i can pay you guys back with Pizza or KFCs, or something that can gather us to talk about this day ~ but Miss got the money. Even negative lor :P

To my last waltz juga.. hehehe... Only God know how i felf for you :)


~~ {...}~~

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★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

wah..syok oo tapi paling syok jg la tu makan butod, hahaha!! best gia ni, jadi kira berjaya la ko kunun kan jadi pengarah projek huhuhuuuuu...