Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So my first exam will starts on 31st Oct 2008 : 8.15am and i should have my books next to me now! Ive just done my "ever after bridal boutique" website project and i deserve a rest.. so, i decided to starts study tomorrow :P.. I PROMISED *wink2*
and im promising myself again to give the BEST effort in my papers, at least As, hopefully, trying to catch back my previous' 'success':P hehehe... huhu.. i know, i dun like make promises either but i have to do it sometimes - to push myself reach the goal! yes, GOAL. ive been such a lazy ass this time around and i hate that tho im kinda enjoy it sometimes haha I dont do schedule to study >>
i will study when i want to.
so in the mean time, i wanna talk about Britney.
Britney Spears ba.
im not a big fan okay.
Long before, Britney was a success teen singer and attract many young followers.
But due to non-stop gossips and heart broken, she changed from a princess to a trash. sadly they called her that. she was humiliated by her bad and bad performance during VMA and so. And just now, while im doing my work, i saw this video clip, quite nice, catchy and it's from Britney. wee.. shes changed. it's Womanizer. shes improved.
And the thing im actually wanna stressed here that :
people can change. If he/she really made a fully commitment on what shes saying, the outcome will be so damn worthed or at least, satisfy yourself. Words are easy to say but the action sometimes are hard to do, unless you commited yourself in doing that thing
{in anything}.
im motivating myself cause im soo freaking snail now :P
bear in mind~~.
hehe.. should take my rest now :P
gotta go.

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