Thursday, October 23, 2008


I went to library today to do my due-project when suddenly i noticed a YOUNG man giving an instruct to an OLD man, and i guess the YOUNG man probably is a some-kind of manager or maybe his position a bit higher than this old man, and guess what??

This young man scold this old man and it was so loud until we can heared what he said.

So, i made a point that maybe this old man don't know what to do or maybe he do a mistakes that makes the young man mad. Minutes later, this young man scold AGAIN this old man. So, we were like " OMG, He's such a Tarabas! ", I mean, he's so damn rude. RUDE okay, not cute. Ya, the old man may make a mistakes, but he's OLD MAN. He's older than the man. Yaba, jahat ba dia. Why must on earth he talked like that to orang tua??..

Poor the young man for did know the courtesy in life. Respecting the adultery. Ya, he made mistakes but cant he talked nicely to the old man meh?

Poor that little old man!

p/s : picture orang len tu sa ambi :P


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