Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Day went off ~

Eat alot today. i mean, LOTS. Even there's only 3 houses i managed to go but it DID makes my tummy growing 15inch further!! Whoa! Who says im struggling to be skinny??!!

But thanks to them ;

1st House - Lohan, Cousin Atai.
2nd House - Lohan still, Cousin Lina.
3rd House - Soon will be my bro-in-law.

And finally after days, i had Ketupat and rendang for lunch. Mee soup also. And it's Different ~ the one you get in the normal days with the raya soups. I mean, they had probably poured the FULLY inter&external efforts to make it yumie since it's RAYA. I guess?..... OK, it's FREE and that's why it tastes yumie than usual :P

Another day went off. It's going to be thursday tomorrow and the things i had listed before holidays havent been done yet. Really. I mean, Why should i be punished this way?? Huhu.. Why?? I need times to relax without things bothering me.. Why??

Anyway, My grandpa from KM will coming here tomorrow.. Weeee.. Another reason postponing my tasks - Haha.. And ya, Mum's youngest sisters are coming also, grandma, cousins. Wait. It's not christmas. Neither New Year... Looks like someone has wrongly mark the calender. But WHATEVER. I need to see my grandpa. I miss him. It's been times. weeee....

Going to held a surprise birthday party for him :P but we haven't booked his cake yet Haha and mum planned to cook his favourites. *Sweet*
A second pass, minutes goes, hours left and day went off.
As i kneed, i prayed,
Thank You Lord for giving me another beautiful day to cherish.

Sometimes wondered so much.

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