Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Water is a life - episode 2

Huhu.. AGAIN, our hostel having a water supply problem... since SUNDAY! I dunno what the heck is goin on but we need water desperately. Indeed, so much! We sweating all day and i need water to fresh me up. It's raining heavily yesterday, how come there's still no water today???!! Huhu..

But i did take a bath. hehe i store some water and i managed to use them for 2 days. ( twice a day, can u imagine?? ) and basically, im ran out of water already. i have an empty pail in my room.. huhu O Gosh, really i need water!!!

.i need you.

Im thinking to go back home this friday and suddenly, a friend Rose told me we'll be having this somekind of "module" which is a MUST and COMPULSORY on saturday.. which is sucks. I need a rest in my own home. i miss my messy bed. i miss the TV. i miss my mum. i miss my Damien. and my dad as well. I even promised with Buddy Cely to hang out together ~Sigh~ Whatta day!
I had a nightmare last nite.. hate it .. and it's damn funny i woke up with frighten face - looking around trying to find things i dont know what. i DID wash my legs actually - But i forgot to say a night prayer :P Haha..

Well, Got one class only today. can rest the whole day ~ Wink* I need it.


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