Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Wednesday! :P

I wake up so late today haha.. Im glad i dont have to suffer again last nite, my itchy allergic is slowly gone.. yesh2! but still, went to bed really late last nite hehe..

Tomorrow's is my Birthday! hehe.. a reminder for you all!!.. hahaha.. Thinking to held a small party with buddies and family. so sad, Dear and Kobie cannot join us tomorrow huhu..

Dear - Gift eh???? hahaha..

Kobie - Where's the special gift you mentioned earlier????? Hahaha..

Well, age is just a number again. Im getting old. OMG. I love it haha..

But the things i cannot wait for tomorrow is a gathering of my buddies. Cely descending from the mt tomorrow as early as 7.00 am, Mimie will come early also for cooking with me and the rest will come after work time :)

The coolest!

I miss them and the dearly one. (^_^)
Again, age is just a number hahaha..

Living life still,


Little Inbox said...

Jane, happy birthday!

Ninie Jane said...

Thanks Lil Inbox :) hehe

Kobie Vanessa said...

huhuuu!!Age is just a number baa...worry no need! Sorry would not be able to join u guys..hadiah?tunggu la (out of budget ba jadi simple2 jak ahhh) heheh