Sunday, July 6, 2008

Registration day!!

Went to register yesterday.. my feet was hurt!! urgghh... who told me to wear heel anyway!!!! so, i sud pay the risk altho it's hurt like hell.

It took 10 minutes for me to register for the keselamatan and HEA ( Hal ehwal Akedemik ) but it took me HOURS in unit college. Suck i can say. We had to wait in the big crowd until our names being called. and again, it sucks. We had to spent hours every semester just to get a room, imagine the family waiting there? for hours?.. Poor them. Luckily, i went alone.

I've waited since 10 something, and finally at 14.25, i got a key for my room. And, it's at the 5th stairs, which is the highest. Yet again, it sucks. I wish at least in my final semester, i dont have to climb so many stairs.. or in 2th floor perhaps. Duh. Plus, im afraid of height haha.. poor me! :P

I shared my room with Sharon Ronny, my friend, at least behind this miserable moment, there's one cheer me up :P

The crowd.
Class starts tomorrow.. huhu
But will take MC for the first day :P
Weee... Im in the Final semester finally ")
Struggle more,


Little Inbox said...

I stay in Penang, and I studied in USM too...So, I have not experience what you've been going through.

Ninie Jane said...

Lil inbox :) Hehe..we experienced the same thing almost every semester. I wonder why they didn't change the procuder to a systemic way. emmm