Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend ~

Tomorrow will be Friday. Weee.. times fly so damn faster than i thought. i felt like i had just talked about my weekend MINUTES ago.. felt like Sunday had just passed.. So fast. been really busy tho. But still love friday anyway. Love saturday even more :P

Buddy Cely sms me just now, gotta meet her next friday *wink2... miss her already .. and yesh!!it's going to be August real soon :P Ive waited so long for that hahaha... I'll share it in my next coming post what im excited about here :) ( which in september i guess :P )..

And guess whats in my mind now..

Big Apple Donuts .. yumie!!

( Was given a free voucher here!! yesh!)

Can get an extra 6 donuts if purchase 2 boxes-6each of Donuts :)




Well then, take care

Ninie Janne


Little Inbox said...

Sweet dessert indeed, yummy!

Kadus_Mama said...

yay!! sia pun ada tu voucher ninie..hehehe!! tinggal tunggu mau guna jak..mau beli banyak2 tu duren-duren and glacier donut..nyumm!!

Ninie Jane said...

Little inbox.. yaa.. soo sedap this hehehe

Kadus mama, kalau ko beli tu 6pcs trus dapat tu voucher. sampai 31hb august ni.. sadap2 ni mau makan hehehe

Kobie Vanessa said...

wahhhhh sa pun nda sabar ooo...berabis makan nanti hehe (ko blnja tu kan ?)