Friday, July 11, 2008

Relief but not really a relief. ?

Home... Home.. Finally, after a week :P

Been using PC since afternoon. Got many2 assignments and presentation need to do and It's BARU the First week!! gosh, the coming weeks sure will makes me more skinny :P

We had audit class today with the charmed and sweet lecturer who's inspired me - well, alot.. First minutes, she talked about our essay ( that we submitted in her previous class ) .. and she did mentioned about my essay altho she promised not to tell anybody about it! waaaaaa.... basically, I only wrote bout my working experience at the mountain, hates mathematics, drew a kiddy picture ( of my own! ).. and other craps. She even called me " Mount Kinabalu " .. Huhu..O well, i got a new name!

But i love her class,still.

Hiding behind my bag - thats mdm lectured us.

Nursiah, Beat, Bbey and Roses

Bbey presenting :)

Today's Quotes :

Say more what you can see
-Mdm Betsy,11.07.2008

Went back home today with sister, 2 hours ride. Fuhh!! So tired altho im not the one who do the driving but still feel the sweat! haha.. It was Heavily rained along the way.. Luckily, Kobie has been using the road for billion times, so give her a credit for that! hehe..

The drink She must have!

Jay Chou Trip :P

This is real :P

Somehow, it still look beautiful

\(^_^)/ Should sleeping by now,
Ninie JaNe

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Kobie Vanessa said...

saya juga jadi model ah!hhahaha