Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Audit Class :)

Got 2 classes today - Managing accounting and Audit. Weee... i've fallen in luv wt our audit lecturer.. she's so nice. O god, im turning into girls??? haha.. No la, she's very educated and full of experienced.. and she gave us some tips to success in nowadays life. She is a chattered accountant, once was an auditor in KPMG Chattered Accountant and now is a lecturer. Geee... give her a credit for the skills and knowledges!

Today, she asked us to write an essay- write anything we'd like to, why choose accountancy and so..

I wrote this :

I hate mathemics but i love calculations. But seeing madam this way, i believe i can be just like you. You have my respects :)

and i draw my terrible picture ( cause she asked for our pictures and we didn't bring, so i decide to draw :P ) .. Im just suck in drawing..hahaha..

I thought i'll be spending my audit class with numbers but im wrong. it's Theories. Weee... hope to score high!! :P

Sister Kobie will fetch me in a shortwhile. Will go to see doctor in 3.00pm huhu.. i hate this allergic!!

Later (^_^)

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