Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest :P

I've hijacked this page dear :) however,
still gonna wish ya' a very Happy Birthday !!!

We love yaa ..

T.T - really wished to be there .. sorry ..
will do next time :) for sure ..

but here's something for u that i have in my mind running right now;

Thinking of you everyday,
Think i might shed into tears,
but Maybe not - coz i'm not gay .. :P
and If you see this post; expecting by today,
Remember to Ring me up,
coz Ur Xpax's free for the whole 7 days ... Heeeeeeee :D
so Cheers - All the way .. :)
n HAVE a great Birthday !!!

from you-know-who :)


Ninie Jane said...

hehe it's weird me giving comment in my own blog but not in my post. haha.. Nice surprise btw dear. No wonder i feel so gay. haha.. but the flag missing ehhh???

Kobie Vanessa said...

wahhhh!!Runcius tau ka pasword blog ko ni?hehehe!!lawa la runcie! Happy birthday too my one & only sister!! Eventho sa slalu marah2 ko but U know I lov u as my everdearesttt sista owezzzz kan,huhuu...AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalaannraya highway lebuh raya hahahah! GOD BLESS U!