Sunday, July 27, 2008

Im no Kid.. pls.

Maturity. I don't consider myself as a matured person ( altho im trying 2 be ). There are still thousand of things i need to learn and somehow will teach me how to overcome to nowadays complicated life.

And lately, im quite sensitive to person who said im still a little girl or still a kid. My appearance might influence to the jugdement but i dont wanna become the baby in the family. Even my eldest and YOUNGEST brother said the same ( and my sister as well ). I wanna become an adult, a person that people can lean on. I dunno why but i dont wanna people see me as a little girl. Hello, im 24 years. haha finally, i admitted it. Yeah right, im no 18 anymore. :)

When i take things seriously, i mean it. I knew, being an adult is not an easy thing. but do i have a choice? I wanna grow. ( funny cause i am growing ). So, when im involve myself in a relationship, i mean it. I might be otherwise if it was 4 or 5 years ago.

But it's no big deal anyway. hehe SOMETIMES being a little girl to my mum or my dearest can be so fun :P

Dunno what im crapping about * :P



Kobie Vanessa said...

hahahah!! u're still baby girl for me lah, selagi ko lum keja & kawin I will still consider u budak2 hahaahh!!marah marah jan nda marah sa ah...hahah

Ninie Jane said...

huhuhuhuhuhuu... malas sa!

Kadus_Mama said...

ahahaa..punya lah..tapi memang bah..there is a moment yang ko rasa ko nda mau kena panggil budak lagi..hehe..lain kali ko tua, nah baru ko tau..terus mau minta kena cakap ko masih budak..ekkee