Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Boredom Strikes!

It's raining at the moment. Quite cold indeed huhu.. 2 presentation done today! A relief,well.. at least for this week :P .. another quiz on monday..huhu it gets a lil bored when it comes to talk bout studies huh?..

Our block having a miserable time last night.. enough about the water supply matter, now it's black out! waaa... i had to crawl in the dark. and guess what?? again, ONLY our block having the power cut problem.. huhu.. Luckily, our dearest friend, Peetot and Zie lend us their room :) very nice one huh. :) we finally can finish up our presentation slides :)
And it gets a lil bored later on.. so this what we've done :P

This what happen when boredom strike!

We just love the webcam :P


Ninie jane

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