Tuesday, July 22, 2008

.. odd but was fine :)

Waaa.. been so2 busy!!!.. cant even find time to update my blog and other accounts.. Today is very special day to me.. altho im just spending my time here in campus, but still, it's a memorable date :).. *wink2..

Last weekend was a blast.
  1. Big Apple Donut - Done!
  2. Fish n Co - Done!
  3. Tuaran Mee - Done!
  4. KFC - not done :p
  5. Hair makeover - Done!
  6. New Hangbag - Done!
  7. Snacks for sale - Done!
  8. Reload Celcom n Digi - Done!

There goes my money.

Total loss : RM450++

Huhu.. i should learn how to save money. Otherwise i'll be the one suffering in the future ( Touchwood2!) But as my sister said, what matters, i get what i had desired for long hehe So, promise myself not going to withdraw another bugs.. at least, for this week.. haha im such a freak.

I became an MC today in this motivational talk here in campus. hehehe.. as long as i have the script, then i'll be okay haha.. all went so smooth ( We prayed! ) I even had a chance to sit and eat one table with the lecturers.. muahaha.. it was so odd at the beginning haha.. but, i love mdm Betsy. She's such a lovely person and we have a common interest :) .. Her motivational talk was nice either. Learn alot :)

Got a chance to meet my junior also. Haha.. remind me of my first year here. Dress so nice, No heel, Hair was tight and Greet every seniors.. :P it was so Ugly betty version haha.. Oh, i miss that time!

.. :)


Ninie janne


Kobie Vanessa said...

Thnk u blnja sa Big apple & Fish & Co..nanti giliran sa dis week hahahah berabis makan ah awas kalu nda habisshhh!!

Ninie Jane said...

muhahahaha .. mesti ko blanja sa lagi