Monday, July 7, 2008

Bestfriend Forever..

I Love reunion!! .. Last nite, i had a dinner with my bestfriends in Kg Nelayan.. It was so cool!! we laughed a lot, sharing stories, taking pictures and again, laughing even to the smallest matter. :P I just love them.

We had this really delicious set dinner meals last night, altho i cannot eat the prawns, Crabs and octupus but the rest did makes my stomach gumuk! haha..

We had these:

Hot and sour soup
Steamed fish with brown bean sauce
Prawn fritters Sweet and sour crab
Shellfish with dry chili
Chicken salad thai style green mussel with chili sauce
Local vegetable with garlic Silky gourd with egg
Garlic fried rice
Fresh fuits
Chinese tea

All i can say, Yumie!! :P

And the delicious cake Chocolate Moist.... i forgot the last name haha.. ordered from Promenade Hotel and it was nice. I mean, Yumie but not too yumie.. ya.. sort of. but anyway, We had a great night! hehe..

Mimie even had a chance to "Supuk the sumpit kena the bellon" in the stage, im trying to find what's "Supuk" in english.. but i cant. hahaha.. And some guys trying to approach her minutes later hehe.. Waaaahh! She dressed really vogue last night!

We went to beach after the dinner. Ate some fruits before went back home :) And we're looking for the next reunion!..

Gomoi and Alex

The family :)

Dylan Braxton Allan :)

The guys @ Ipar2 :P

The ladies :)

Me wt DD :)

The girls wt the light!

Muka blur dis!

Mimie, Cely n me :)

Us wt the culture dancers..

Cutting cake!

Mimie got a chance!!

She's good in this!

Ujie wt Gary :)

Missing them already..
Ninie Jane :)


Little Inbox said...

A warm gathering... :)

Ninie Jane said...

lil inbox :) ya.. hehe we've been friends since kid. :)