Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Water is a life!!

Last midnight and this early morning was a disaster for me! Urgh!!.. We ran out of water supply in hostel.. huhu.. i was on my way washing my face when suddenly a friend who's stood front of the door told me " NO WATER".. I wanna go toilet also that moment.... waaaaaa... I only managed to wash my face without soap. And thinking of going to toilet again this morning. Urghhh!!

Then, my roomate Sharon woke up me around 6.35am telling there's no water in the bathroom.. i was like " WHAT???.. Ive been waiting for like 6 hours for pee and now i have to wait more??.." huhuuh.. i need water so bad.

We had class at 8.00am so we went to next block with our towels and pails.. hoping to get some water at least for our faces. But, Duh! there's still no water. So, the devil said inside i should escaped the morning class.. And i did. haha.. Sharon used her 2 small bottle of mineral water for shower and she did went to class. hehe.. i need more than that. huhuhu...

I continue sleep until 9.25am.. and there's still no water in my block. Duh!! hate that. I really wanna go to toilet. Whatever it takes. So, i went to the next block once again and yeahhh.. finally, i found one! hehe.. it took 40 minutes for me for bathing!.. haha.. Im enjoying myself to the fullest inside. hehe

Water is a Life. I cannot live without it and you so do you.. ( i guess?? )

Appreciate More :)
Ninie Jane


Kobie Vanessa said...

wahh!! lawa o layout blog ko!!tulng ubah sa punya mahhh....huhuu

Ninie Jane said...

hehehe kana tulung buat ni. cuba ko click yang sana bwa tu. yang layout design.

Kobie Vanessa said...

eee..sa jeles o!hahaha

Kobie Vanessa said...

nda dapat2 ni