Monday, July 7, 2008

My birthday!! weeee...

Last wednesday, mum held a small party for my birthday.. weeee.... love her! Buddy Cely, Cicak, Mimut and great cousins were there.. :) But sister Kobie wasn't able to join us cause she's fully-occupied with works! huhu..

But, I really had fun! weee... i had a pinky bed & Pillow case, Chocolates, Jeans,Wines, Glass and the rest are angpows as gifts. i just love birthday!! haha..

We laughed a lot!
Youngest Bro Riky wt Jassmine, his gf.

The lads. :P

Damien wt Doey :)

The gangstar mother hehe

My Cocktail Fruit cake :)

Petter Vella wines.


The kids

Australian Aged Towry Wine. Thanks to Cely :)

And sister Kobie held a second celebration for my birthday on July, 5th in Likas. She cooked Spagetti, 3 types of chicken and the mushroom soups. Yumie!!! Altho there were only 4 of us there, i really love it. -so much!! And i had a Purple nice lady shirt Kobie gave me as a gift. waaah, Love it!

Dd, Kobie and me.

The Yumie Chocolate Cake!! Sedap gila ni..

Special Thanks :P

Thanks to Kobie for the yumie cake, the gift and the meals!
Thanks to Runcie Gubat @ Didie for being the first person singing a birthday song for me twice!! for the gift also :)hehe and the HIJACKED surprised birthday wish! hehe.. i luv the poem altho it ended so gay but luv it still. haha feel free to hijacked again, i luv surprise :P
Thanks to Mum and Dad whos supporting me from the beginning ( ehhhh... mcm terima award haha)
Thanks to Buddies and all friends for the birthday wish.
Im getting old!!


Kobie Vanessa said...

wahhh...bday sa jan pura2 lupa pula ah..hahah

Ninie Jane said...

hahahhahaha... eerrr haha