Friday, July 25, 2008


As u know, ive changed my add from niniejane to niniejanne - only add another n. ( due to some probs ).. and someone is using my old add using babihutan. ( which is horrible!) it sucks to see your name at the big heading wt words like that. ~ niniejane still my name tho!

Moreover, it's anonymous. the profile is nil and so do the post. Is jealousy happening here?? haha.. whoever that alien might be, i hope she can choose other "niceeeeeeeeee" heading other than that. im not begging, im just suggesting. emm, sort of.. haha did i actually type "she"? hehehe... lucky guess huh? :P

And had nice time just now, went out with my dearest. It's been a year :) Finally, i completed the last meal in my list :P

Yumie again!

Cheers!! :)

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Kobie Vanessa said...

Nevermind that jelous bitch, they just have nothing to do with their life, a sad life..nanti sa minta tolg kawan sa pakar IT cek sepa yang daftar tu nama k!