Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day, Another Story to tell..

Yes, I should!

Yesterday wasn't that bad after all.
I got my buddies SMS me even tho they don't noe im quite moody that moment. *Wink2..

I miss them :(

Pretend To Hug You glitters

Beth will celebrate her Son & Daughter's birthday at this Borneo Paradise.. Ive never been there but they said, it has an amazing view ~ I love beach and sunset :P Still no confirmation whether i can make it there or not Huhu.. ( will try.. )

Will having a dinner at Beverly Hotel this coming 24th ~ Andy handed us the responsibility to decide the performance - What should we perform??

Me and Sharon thinking to have a simple chior ( everyone can agree! ) with these suggestion songs:

  1. Stand By me ( We've won this once~ weeee..)
  2. Graduation Friends Forever ( So sad eh.. )
  3. Goodbye Spice Girls ( Huhu... Dunwan tears.. huhu )
  4. Goodbye SC7 ( The lyrics so sweet n sad.. )
  5. Cant take that away from me Mariah Carey ( Awesome! )
  6. UiTM theme ( Whoaaaaaa!! Still have other choice, no worries :P )
  7. Linkin Park Shadow of the day ( haha wish i knew the reason why???!!)

But we prefer the 2 + 3 +4 +5 Istead :)

And we'll also thinking to do this "appreciation dedication" business.. It's like we providing service to sent a flower/chocolate/candies with a card in campus...It's for our trip to Uitm Shah Alam in december. We really ran out of money now.. Huhu...

And also this Services we provide to do the cleaning! ( Haha.. Im good at it- sometimes :P ) It's from house-to-house. We'll even wash the cars if needed. Hehe But it's NO free.. it's again for the same trip :P We're working real hard to see the Bursa Saham there, dont we??

We should be given Reward for this :P at least, a FREE T-shirt ( haha..) Dont you think?? :P

Let's see the progress, i'll post the pictures if once it's done. Hehe..

Keeping busy..busy..busy..

Little Jane :)

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