Thursday, August 28, 2008

Far enough?

Ive got this one senior - Never say hi - and we passed as we dont know each other. I mean, we are. hehe.. and suddenly ive got this message from that particular person, my senior. Say hi, asking how i am and whats ive been up to lately. I was like .." Okeeeeeeiii, did i missed something? ".. It was really odd i can tell u.

:P I was at this mall in Sarawak last year, when suddenly i met this "satu kampung" friend, the one who never talk to me and suddenly she became this friendliest friend ive ever met. Amazing, yeah.. i know

So, that's nature of life. when you are far from anyone - you tend to be nice with them- with this curiousity inside. But when you are around with them.. There's nothing much you can talk.

Life. Hard to predict.

Ninie puzzling herself


Gallivanter said...

As such is life... :-)

Ninie Jane said...

yeah.... :) thanks for dropping by gallivanter :)