Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday Dinner for Kobie..

We celebrated Kobie's birthday 5 days early than the date at this Restaurant Open Space Kg.Air *Whoaaa...

And i had My Mum, Dad, Big Brother, Sis in Law Doey, Baby Damien, Baby Tobby n Joey, Cha, Pat, Yeu 1 and Yeu 2, Uncle i forgot his name :P and Dearest Runcie with us that night. *weee...

It was supposed to be a surprised Birthday celebration for my sister but she knew it before. Im not good in hiding the cake Huhu.. And i asked her to pretend surprised seeing the cake. haha.. but she didn't do that. Huhu But We had a great night. :)

Waiting for the rest to come :)

Mum and daughters :)

Culture dances. Nice one eh!

Fishy. Bone left oo haha


Butter prawn. cannot eat huhu

Preparing the cake :)

Strawberry fresh cream cake :)

Birthday "WOMAN" :P

My sate .. yumie!

Steam Prawn :)

Happy Birthday Sis!!!

Blessed in many years to come.

P/s: Cepat2 kawin hahaha



Kobie Vanessa said...

Thank you. Couldn't ask for more!hahah..

Little Inbox said...

Oh, Kobie's birthday? Happy belated birthday, Kobie.

Ninie Jane said...

hehe.. 5 days early :P

Kadus_Mama said...

walaupun telambat comment here, tapi mau juga comment nie..hehehe
bukan main lagi kamu celebrate oh kan..? tapi mana daddy ko??
Muka si kobie sama tul cam mummy ko oh! heheheeee