Monday, August 25, 2008

Saddest Day

I read my sister's blog just now and she wrote about my late grandpa.. I miss him :'(.. It was in May 2007 we had lost him. He had his last breath in sleeping.. and I'm having my final examination the moment i knew the news, it was my last paper.. ~really hard to answers all the questions when your mind was somewhere else, kept thinking to go back home...

And when I finally came home @ 7.55pm with Taxi, they already buried Grandpa's. I don't even had the chance to say goodbye.

Today, i prayed.
Dear Lord,
Whom commits Love to all the sinners,
Today i prayed..
Do bless my late grandpa..
May his soul will rest in peace..
May his new life will be brighter up there..
Bless him Lord Jesus..

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