Tuesday, August 26, 2008

English - IMPORTANT!!

Why it is important?
1st : It is the international language
2nd : It is the basic subject we must learn since primary
3rd : It is.... well,important :P

Im sucks in English. Really. Still improving and that's why my favourite book is Dictionary. I started to write my diary in English in 1997. It was horrible when i read back before i burnt them. Haha.. I even marked them. *LoL

But not that's not the point. I read about my sister's best friend Kadusmama Blog - About this salesgirl confusing training pants and fan.

And the same story goes to my sister-in-law. They went to this local restaurant with my brother and nephew Damien.

Sister-in-law : Boy, Tulung bagi babychair..
Waiter : - Confidence - Jap aa, sa tingu dulu d aisbox ..
Sister-in-law : - Blurry - Ehh, tu kerusi baby baa..
Waiter : Oooohh... - Still with blurry face -

And that's why It is important to learn english.

Ninie struggling improving hers


Kadus_Mama said...

wakakakakakakakaa!!!! Apa yang dia mau p ambi di esbok tu?? nda kan ikan pulak?? hahahah!!!

Ninie Jane said...

kadus.. haha tula tu.. bingung ni mau cari babychair d esbok hahaha

Little Inbox said...

Agreed. If we don't master English, we'll lose lots of opportunity. Hehe...so right now, still learning.

Kobie Vanessa said...

hahaha mgkn pendengaran dia kan ada laici ka..mcm2 jg babychair kan bunyi dia hahaha

Ninie Jane said...

little inbox hehe.. so right!

Kobie, yakan.. mcm laici juga huhuhu