Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friends - Means EVERYTHING!

Here's a special post for all my friends ;

Photo Taken : Kg Nelayan, Bukit Padang.

Sisters since 03.07.84 :P

Photo Taken : July, 6th 2008, Reunion, Kg Nelayan Bukit Padang

My Childhood Buddies..
Tadika Pekan Ranau Attended Class 1990
SK Pekan 1 - Attended class 1991-1996
SMK Mat Salleh Ranau -Attended class 1997-2001 + 2003

Photo Taken: Tanjung Aru Beach, Andy's birthday

Diploma In Accountancy Uitm Sabah - Attended Class Dec 2005 -Dec 2008

Who was/is there :
In times of trouble,
In times of happiness,
In times of sickness,
In times of the hardest days..

The Greatest Gift of Life is to get to know You all,

To Runcie Dear,


P/S u know how much you mean to me!!
Lucky im in luv wt my bestfriend :)



1 comment:

Kobie Vanessa said...

wah! mcm len jak ko ampai sa punya gambar depan2 ni, nanti sa blnja jg ko baaaa hehhhehehe...lov u sis!