Thursday, August 21, 2008

Congratulations to My Cousin, Siti Khadijah!

Trust me, I had just know her real name hours before... I got this wedding calender gift with names on it. So, im asking my other cousin " who's Siti Khadijah? ", and My cousin goes " Ninie!!!!!".. ??..5 Minutes later i knew it was actually the bride *LOL.. We used to call her ujang and i dont even bother to know where that name came from *LOL.. Im such a bad cousin, i know.. hehehe

But anyway, I Love weddings. I love to see the brides, the decoration, music and the FOODS!! Yumie! Foods rules!!!! The foods was great! Twice much better than Pizza Hut - Cause it's FREE! *LoL.. hehe.. I love the Pudding also. But they had this limited pudding, so we had to use my little cousin to get an extra pudding :P ..

Well, Let these pictures tell the story :)

Us arrival time : 1.10pm
Brides arrival time : 2.55 pm

The entrance..

A gift in return :)

Doesn't she looks LOVELY???...

Uncle Maijol and Cousin Ujang :)

The flower boys and girls :)

Cousins - Atai, Adi and Tanggu :)

Greeeeennn... Lovely!!

She looks so sweet. That was the first time i saw her in make up. Hurmm.. cant believe she get married early than me :P haha.. In fact, there were three of us - cousins Dodoy and her - used to talk about marriage and have a laugh about it years before :P.. Time flies real fast, don't they? :)

Anyway, to my cousin Siti Khadijah and husband.. ( sorryyy.. will get your name later...)
I wish you many bless in years to come and well.. may you both live happily ever after :) Get me a new "fruit child" soon!! haha..


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Kobie Vanessa said...

wahhh cantik o si Ujang!!sa p yang ari 6 pun cantik dia owh, mcm siti Nurhaliza ni, eee...suma saya pun kawin la kalu mcm ni hehehe...