Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Been really busy these few days.. Got so2 many things to do! Huhu.. Headache kills me again and again but wont give it a damn - like usual. Hehe

Will having a one week mid-term break starts this Friday!! Yesh!! Been longing for that. My lecturer asked us to do this assignment during this break - WATCH TV!.. true. She even asked us to control the remote TV for the whole week. No movie or MTV but INVESTMENT. Wah! It kills me more. We need to know the movement of the stock prices, EVEN to forecast the future demanding. Really killing me. MTV will be my priority for sure. Haha

No Graphics, No pictures. Will continue blogging soon :P - No time bah huhu

Take Care.

Live well. Love Much. Laugh Often.

Ninie Jane

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