Monday, August 18, 2008

Damien Ryan

Went to Bro's home last night - Excitedly - to meet my nephew, Damien. I bought him a fan and sticker of Mickey Mouse. He's into MM so much.

But, guess what? He's already went to sleep the moment i went there. Miss Him!!
He'll become a brother soon!!!
Hope he'll get a sister :)

Hubby dear called me just now, he's there @Sungai Wang. Wah! Jealous la he go jalan2 there.Hey U, dear.. Get back soon!! hehehehe :P


Living Another Day,
Ninie Jane


Kobie Vanessa said...

duii rindunya sa sama damienn...

Kadus_Mama said...

nanak punya wife pregnant sudah??? YEAH!!!!! sioknya!! kenen sia yang kesukaan..hehee

Ninie Jane said...

ya kadus.. hehehe damien mau ada adik suda ni hehe... tia sabar. harap2 prempuan hehe