Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Dylan Braxton and Dylannie Belle!

We went to Borneo Paradise, Kinarut yesterday to celebrate my buddy's children's birthday.
The view was extremely beautiful, but so sad.. we missed the sunset.
The party supposed to be held near the pool side but it was raining!!!.. Altho Buddy beth kept crossing her fingers but it's still raining. :P So, the BP''s Staff had to moved all the foods and tables inside. but it was nice still.

The supposed-to-be dinner at pool side

The entrance. Nice one eh!

Welcoming Betharia.. hehe

Me, Beth and Baby Dylannie Girl

Mum and Daughter

Bid goodbye!

*There are still lots of pics waiting to be uploaded :P will will it do later. Dont have the usb cable with me :(

We had a nice delicious buffet meals there. Kenyang gila ni haha.. And i met my ex-colleague also there. wah, what a small world. We even done the room inspections. Not bad. But i prefer Kinabalu Park Lodge still hahahaha..

Thanks to dear runcie :p altho you refused to join us at the beginning but you finally make it there with us! million lovesss!! hehehe :P


Happy Birthday to Dylan Braxton 2 Years old


Happy Birthday to Dylannie Belle 1 Years Old

Anty Ninie Loves u both :)


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Kobie Vanessa said...

Best o, anyway hpy belated bday to Dylan & Dylaniee..