Saturday, August 16, 2008

Congratulations to Dymna and Adver!!!

Around 12.15 pm, sister Kobie and me went to KDCA, Hongkod Penampang today for Dymna's wedding. ( Kobie's Bestfriend's sister .. ) She looks pretty gorgeous!!! I cannot get a chance to take a picture with her as she was so busy welcoming the non-stop coming guest.. The hall was fully-occupied by the family's relatives and friends. Fuh!

The Buffet foods started serving around 1.15 pm and we had this Traditional foods, even got this Hinava one. My sister love eating that. They actually had this 3 types of foods, Traditional, Malay and chinese. I tried one only and it's delicious. yumie!

I like the entrance part.. around 2.15pm, both the bride and groom walking down the isle toward the stage for cutting the cake. Everyone's standing, clapping their hands and we had this lady sang " I Live My Life For You " (Firehouse) while they waving their hands. The groom even hugged and kissed her wife before they got on stage - So sweeeeettt!!!!!

That moment, i wish my sister get married capat2 ni.. hehehe

By 2.30pm, we had to rush go back since Kobie's BF waiting for us to balik kampung.. - And now, Im Home!!! weeee.. it's been like a month i haven't go back :P Brothers Roy and Riky also on holiday the same as me.. so, we cannot avoid the silly fighting here.. EVEN the remote Tv will cause the fight.. hahaha.. Siblings, what to do... hehe i love them still :P

The Pink and purple entrance ballon :)


Dymna and Adver


Me :P

The Ice cube on the stage.. fabulous!!!

The crowd..

I luv both combination colour

Sister with friend..

The wedding pictures inside the cube..

Sister and me - In purple :)

The ballon in the air :)

Kobie and Blynda

The Vid-T

Gift in return :)

A big Congrats to Dymna and Adver!!
May you both will live happily ever after .. :)

And hey, I was shocked to see suddenly got a pair of hamsters in my room!! So cute!!! They belong to my big brother.

See, how he's staring at me? Even a hamster knew how to pose :P He's cute!!!!

Shouls take my bath by now :P



Kobie Vanessa said...

hui cantik o pandai sudah ko tukar template ni..ajar sia ah

Little Inbox said...

Wow, their wedding is well planned!

Ninie Jane said...

Kobie -Nanti hehehehehe

Little inbox,that's true. There were so many ppl there...