Friday, August 29, 2008

Career Advancement Talk, Nexus Karambunai

~ Huhu... damn tired + exhausted .. but still wanna blogging before i made my way to sing in my dreams :P ~

Last Sunday, 24th August 2008, i went to this 5-Star Nexus Karambunai for this Career Advancement Talk and Appreciation Awards Day. The foods was delicious-Yumie! But however, The serve was just average. I mean, it's a 5 star rated , so i expected something like the excellent but what happen was, there's no water in our table - only after we called the F&B staff - after 2 meals were served and so do the spoon. I'd prefer Promenade if i've given a choice- But however,the view was superb! So sad it was raining the moment we went to the beach. We had to turn back to the parking. Running - with suits. *LOL

Overall, it was a tiring day for me.. Huhu We had this Choir performance and it was a bit emotional the moment we sang this " Graduation Friends Forever ". Trust me, it touched me so deep inside. My classmates blamed me for causing the tears. Yup, some of us were in tears. Without even realizing it falling down. It was me in fact, the first had these diamonds falling from the eyes.. huhu..

But anyway, the theme was this executive. Thanks to dearest Mummy for bought my outfit. Love you mum... so muchhh!!!

Shafiah, Helenah and me :P

Me with the roses..

Me with Peetot.

The lads. I'm going to miss them!

"As we go on.. We remembered..

All the times we had together..

And as our life changes.. come whatever..

We will still be..

F.r.i.e.n.d.s f.o.r.e.v.e.r "

I will not be around this weekend.. weee... ~thrilled~ should packed my bags by now.

Catch me in my next post!


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