Wednesday, August 27, 2008

.Lack of concentration.

Ok. Today Isn't that bad after all.
I woke up sooo late. I didnt finish up my tutorial.
My hair was mess.
So, i expected something like .. what they call this "bad day"..
But it doesn't starts with that.
It's too early to predict, I know,..
But let's just hope it ended with smile.

Im totally out of the track!!
I need a rescuerrrr..
Seems i lost a concentration in my nowadays class..
And i hate that.
I like to be known as someone people can challenge of :P
I mean in studies.
I like to see my name on the top of the list.
With these As below it.
~who doesn't want it anyway?~

So, im decided to make a deal with myself :)
It is now or never.
Im going to set my mind for these - A.A.A.A.A Or at least, A+ :P

I had this funny story about lack of concentration in class. It happen to be my childhood bestfriend. It was in science class in form 3 and she was sooooo busy talking with my friend at the back. With no clue what is happening at the front.

Teacher : OK, i need someone to tell me what is one of the Agen Angin?
Pupil : * discusing + whispering *
Teacher : OK, Bel****. What is one of the Agen Angin?

So, one of the classmate looking at her and whispering the answer.

Confidently my friend said "Durian!" - and all burst out laughing! Of Course the teacher wasss soo mad.. How come agen angin was durian? :P

So, should concentrate more!

Blurry niniejane

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Kobie Vanessa said...

hahah funny, sa tau tu siapa, jaat ko kamu kan hahaha!!