Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday freak!

Went to Hospital Queen yesterday and i got the same medicines like previously- No changes at all!! i wish they can do something with my itchy problems! Urghhhhh!!~ I cannot stand it anymore. ~Sighs~

And Im supposed to have a single-quiz today (replacement for yesterday), i even studied until midnight and suddenly my lecturer SMS me this..

" I have to go out. Don't bother about the quiz. No need to sit for the quiz"

*Duh.. I was like -This is the only topic im sure i can score high and now i lose the chance .. plus i didnt finish up my assignment just for the quiz ( I even woke up late, can u imagine??) But im bit relief anyhow.. *wink2.. cause i don't have to stay back until 3.00pm there in campus - ALONE! ( Ha..ha now, it's time for redemption! i need hours to sleep! )

Can be real crazy sometimes :P

There's no water supply again in our hostel. The same things goes everytime we had this problem. But something pissed me off last night!! The water that i stored in the laundry was half-left!! SOMEONE HAS TAKEN MINE!! Urgh! I need that water! I cursed the whole night. It's really sucks esp when i needed it so bad.



I decided to spent my whole afternoon today with doing things that i like. Example, internet and Sleeping .. Ha!ha! At least, something got my back to cheer me up. hehee..

It's Friday and it's freaking moody day. :P

Live well. Love much. Laugh Often.

Ninie Jane

08.08.2008, 15.25pm


Kadus_Mama said...

eeeeeee....kurang asam punya pencuri air..i understand how you feel there..dulu sia pun mengamuk tu kalau ada orang curi air sia sana hostel..

Ninie Jane said...

hehe tula kadus, kin panas tul. urg susah2 angkat air, cek2 kana curi suda. geram btul sa.