Friday, August 15, 2008

Mid-Term Break - Always have been a favourite!!!

Im having my mid-term break started today *Wink2*.. but with lots and lots of tasks been given, EVEN the first day after the break, we'll be having this TAX Quiz ~Urgh!! No matter how we begged MDM to postpone it at least, not on the first day - She still insist to do so. Emm.. what else can we say.

Went to 1 Borneo just now and finally i bought my own contact lense, Hippie Chesnut :P Bought for buddy Cely also, Misty Grey and each cost RM38 ONLY. Very cheap one eh. Both last for 3 months.
Hippie Chesnut

Misty Grey

Will going Home tomorrow.. It's been almost a month!


Ninie Jane


Little Inbox said...

Well, enjoy your sem break!

Ninie Jane said...

little inbox, thankiu :)