Sunday, August 17, 2008


Last Wednesday we had this sports day - the closing one. The events wasn't happening like last year but still it was memorable. Cause we've won the second place for the matching (Yesh!) Congrats to the Part 1 Student ~ They know how to respects us compare to the rest of the juniors.

Part 6 :)

Elsie and Colas - The supposed-to-be Cheerleaders

Nursiah, Tracey and Bbey.. Semangat ni :P

The Pre-com team

Me candid!

The part 1 student ask for part 6 signature :)

Banner! Nice one eh..

The 'astaka' still under constructions

The Plantation Team

Us again :) Part 6

The Digi bersama mu :P Part 1 students

The present!!

The Science Team

The marching in fact wasn't like normally we'll see in high school. The first team won was from pre-commerce team, They even dance sumazau and joget while marching. Hehe..

This would be the last supermits for us - Hopefully we grade on time :)

So, cheers for those lads making the day happening (altho got kurang2 sikit2 this sem :P )

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