Monday, September 29, 2008

Balik Kampung

O yesh, i'll be heading to kampung in a shortwhile. But didnt make it wt my sister. I had to go with the taxi, Simple reason - I wanna go home as early as i can and i wanna be the ONLY ONE controlling the remote TV, the internet, and everything.. wahaha.. enjoy myself to the fullest before my TWO YOUNGER brothers came! haha.. They're VERY GOOD in controlling those items! huhu And o ya, My brothers will going back from Kuching this evening :) i miss them anyway :)

Im in a week break at the moment actually. Everyone LOVES Hari Raya. It's Holiday. Right? hehe.. Me the same mind as ROSIE now, Rendang and Ketupat are playing in my mind.. You cannot get them in any celebration. So going to cherish these yumie foods .. :)

So, I missed Mum's calls few times this morning, She's might expecting im on my way going back Ranau now.. Haha.. Yeah right, she misses me :P

Weeeeee.. to all the MUSLIMS peoples there.. to my soon will be brother-in-law also, My cousins, aunts, uncle and friends.. Wishing you SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!

And to my classmates,

Rosebita, Kammariah, Helenah, Zie, Shah, Sabri and any names i probably havent ask to bring KUIHs.. thank you aaar :P cara-cara ni.. :P

:) Cheeeeeeeeeers!

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Little Inbox said...

Happy holiday to you and to me! Hehe...