Friday, September 12, 2008

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Yay! I always love Saturday! Easy reason - i don't have to wake up early.. O yeahhh, I can wake up anytime i want.. Huahaha My sister is my 'alarm clock' when i stays at hers! Huhu.. she's a real lady. I mean, she's a woman a guy should date. She wakes before the sun goes up and she did cooks well. Me? Hurmm.. still learning *LOL..

But anyway, today is a laugh day for me. I laugh alot and still did. I had this group presentation in my Audit class this morning. I participates alot. I mean, i sat at the front so what else can the lecturer expect. so, i HAVE to answer her question whenever we had this " eye-contact", if you know what i mean. Pretending to know everything!. haha..

And while we were discussing about the presentation, suddenly mdm asked me : In front of the class :

Mdm : Raynelda, is that you on the Facebook?

Me : Facebook? *Looking at my bag * thought she was talking about it.

Mdm : Ya lor, Facebook.I saw you there.

Me: *Remember* Oooohhh... aaahhhh!! Mdm saw mine?

Mdm : Haha.. ya, u know, it tooks me several times to really identify if it is you oo.. Nice picture o...

Me : *shy* aaaahhhh.. huhu.. mdm, malu o hehe... * It was my picture looking at my side, with some words on it * MALU!

Mdm : *Laughing* so, you managed to find your long lost friend there?

Me : Heeeee.. *Still MALU* .. Ya Mdm, Tapi that one i seldom update. Im into friendster more. Eeee.. mdm, how you find me there??

Mdm : *Laugh* I own ONE also mah.

Me : weeee.... * No idea to answer anymore haha *

It was a bit ackward. Really. To know that my lecturer looking at my facebook account. hehe.. :)
But hey!! Someday she'll discover mine also. hehe..

Gotta go. On my way to dinner with Parents and Sister in a shortwhile. Mum bought me a greenish short pant today. I love mini pants. I fell in love with the BUM lousy jeans but it was tooooo expensive! huhu... After 30% discount and it is still cost above RM100++. Hah! Too much for me. But anyway, i love spending times with them... weeeee...

Sometimes, We had to go all expectations. Life is full of surprises!!


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