Tuesday, September 16, 2008

* Farewell Party *

Finally, the party done! Less headache! Yay! hehe..
So, we departed from KK at 17.15 pm and reached BP at 18 something.
The first thing i done was went to the party venue.
It was superb!!
The deco caught our attention esp the food!
And there were like 40 pink and white ballons on the pool!
I felt like a birthday celebration on JULY! *wink*
We started the buffet dinner around 20.00pm
And also the slides show,
But it was rained suddenly at 9.25pm and we had to move to the opens-pace Restaurant
So sad :'(
But it was still nice, we all gather in this Karaoke Port.
So, we had this surprise birthday party also for ANDY, Sharon's Brother.
And we had this Cocktail fruit cake ( my fav!)
The funny thing was ;
Nursiah and Grace didn't light the candles.
They panic the moment we sang the birthday song .. *LOL
Well, 7 of us shared the rooms together,
Another 6 Next room,
Some went swimming -after 00.30am!!-
Some didnt sleep the whole night -Men daun!-
Some went outside - walking -
Some Datings
and some slept early. including me.
The next Morning,
We had this buffet breakfast - mee, Red Bean, Egg and Coffee -
and went swimming again *wink*
We all turn to black
i mean,
we all suffered from this sunburn!!
And Nursiah, my friend, almost lemas
Yes, Drowing.
Luckily, Willie and Oshea were fast!
and before we finally reached home, some in campus,
we went to Tanjung Aru Beach for lunch.
i drank kelapa @ coconut
Finally after days!! Yumie!!!
Table :)

Sweeeet - Grace and Oshea with Endless love song.

Tired - Tutut and Willie

Cyah and Bbey - view from our balcony.

Andy's and our farewell cake.

You think, who got into the pool first? THEM! :)

The pool view at night :)

Lunch at Tanjung Aru.

Me and Cyah struggling to be a gymrama :P

The welcoming note :)

My gift!!! Weeee.. Thanks to Oliver for this.

A kincir angin music box :)

Having a great time!!! (^_^)

And i missed mum calls few times! Huhu.. Sorry Mum! hehe.. We'll going kampung Kota Marudu this Friday. Weee.. and Next Friday to Papar for church activities.

And LOTS of project still KIV! haha.. Ooo God, im such a lazy one!

Well, take care!


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