Friday, September 5, 2008

Weeeee.. First awards!!

Thanks alot to Kadusmama.. Hehehe.. it was my first award since i first blog. *Happy*..well, I'd like to take this opportunity to thanks my Mum and Dad, without you both, this blog won't exist. Neither me. Thanks to ...... Haha... Uhhhhh.. feels so good huh? :P

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! This was my award given by kadus mama :)

Now, my turn to gives this award away.. The nominees are.. Ok, Lets just see the winner :)

1. KobieVanessa - Your stories was great!

2. RuncieGubat - Post more storiess ehhh!! :p
3. Thatsilverstar Rosie - Your Blog is so creative i can tell. Really.

4. Little inbox - Cute blog one!
5. Sharon Bbey - Pure one!

And finally to Kadusmama herself. Yeahhh.. you deserve the second award :)

Your mind is always working - That makes you post all the great stories everyday. Love to read them :)

So, Girls...!! Enjoyyyy!! It's Your Awards!!! :)


1 comment:

Kadus_Mama said...

aik???? dapat award lagi balik?? hahhahaa!! bagus nie.
Ur story pun apa kurang..selalu sia teketawa baca..hehehe