Sunday, September 21, 2008

* Meteor Garden 2 *

Finally, sharp at 2.45am, i finished watched Meteor Garden 2. It was an old movie, but im such a fan. I only manages to watch this second edition until episode 17 FOUR YEARS ago. Haha.. and only now i found myself having time finishing it. Busy ba kunun. There were part really sad, some funny and the end - just i expected hehe.. but i think, the first edition much cooler!! I just cannot get used how Dao Ming Si and Sanchai became sooo gentle and kind Hehe.. You'll get what i mean when you watch from the first edition.

Meteor Garden 2 episode 1 of 5

And yesh, HuaZuLei looks cute.. but i'd prefer Dao Ming Si still hehe..

Now, i should complete my assignments :P


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Kobie Vanessa said...

syok eh ni..hai tunggu cuti sem la baru sa berabis tingu ...huhuu