Thursday, September 11, 2008


Busy*Busy. So many things to do! I have september, october, november left before im graduating!! Oh yeshh, keep crossing my fingers - hopefully - i'll grade ON TIME! Wait, I only have Sept and half-oct to do my tasks! Really?! Arghhh!! Should complete them by this month. Huhu Oct, 29th will be the first day of my FINAL EXAM.. Huhuhu....

Ok, Now.. The Accountancy Family Day went smooth as i hope. We held several meeting to make sure things stay as they are. Altho my second project manager was a bit slow, for God's sake. hE is. But anyway, the rest of my AJKs were Fabulous. Thank God! Some were my close friends and surely it is easy for me to co-operate with them. :) And oo yaaa, the time was extend. Weee.. from 6.30am-1.00pm TO 6.45am-3.30pm :).. It stressed me so bad the moment our penasihat shorten the time. Can smile already lor :)

Done with the Family Day. Now, I have to think about the our faculty magazines. I was assigned in Group 2 - Collaborate with 3 juniors and 1 the same batch like me. Basically, Group 2 need to list all the activities being held for the last 2 sems and the upcoming events together with the reports and pictures. And also, we need to design the Cover magazine (Colour, Size ) and what need to be included. That's why i had my pal CLEO as an inspiration :) It should be done before the final exam i supposed. Hopefully.
Apart from that, we also need to do this PART 6 FAREWELL PARTY which supposed to be held in BORNEO PARADISE, Kinarut. But we had less participation from the members itself. What happen? I dunno. They should join it. The party is for them ( me also ) NOT randomly choosing. Plus, it is the only chance for us to Gather and chilling out together - swimming, singging and eating -!! - Hurts me a lil bit. but, No pain, no gain. As my dear said. haha..

Ok. forget that crap. just pray that those folks will changes their mind. :) Im going to Bazaar in a shortwhile. I spent money alot in Foods!! haha.. i love eating. everybody does! hehe

* One of the reason i love bazaar*

and lots and LOTS of assignments / Reports / Presentations need to do.

But, will take times to accomplish them. "Biar lambat asal Selamat" :P hehe...

Take Care!

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