Saturday, September 6, 2008


Im home *wink*

Went home today with Taxi - sister was too tired to drive. She slept along the way and im sitting there - in the middle - fighting with my headache. The perfume inside the taxi was way too much! Huhu..

But anyway, that's not the point (although i kept complaining it to my mum :P ), well, along the way, we tuned to this local radio station and i suddenly this "Tong Hua" song was played. It used to be one of my favourite songs so, my thought, at least i got something to cheer me from the blasting perfume.

But guess what, the song wasn't started with the chinese lyrics. It was in Malay. I was like "is it real or im just imagining it to be sounds like this? " ..... IT WAS in malay. OMG! Again, one of my favourite song was duplicated. Don't get me wrong. Of course, im proud to sing in Malay, esp my favourite songs but when the song you used to listen - lyrics formost - suddenly was sang in other language, it'll be weird. It is.

First, it was this winter sonata sang in malay. If im not mistaken, sonata musim salju. The originally korean made song was slowly gone.

Secondly, was this Meteor Garden theme song from F4, also sang again in malay. That one freak me the most. I love the song!! And suddenly, you got all the street sang it in malay.

Thirdly, this Korean Full House Soundtrack. It was again, sang in Malay. It sounds totally stranged.

And now, this Guang Liang's song, Tong Hua. I mean, we have so many great2 songs Producer here, in our country. Some even caught the international attention so why don't they just keep on producing the originally malaysian songs - without copying - ? Who knows, someday, maybe the other country will duplicated ours?

Again, don't get me wrong. Im just quite unfamiliar with the changes of the songs i like. Weirdo. Totally.

Somebody? fix the situation, please!


Rosie said...

astaga. sama nie bah our favourite songs :O. i know how u feel! first time i dgr the full house ost in malay pun hairan nie sya. and i love tong hua by michael wong! x dpt imagine its in malay nie. huhu. malaysia skrg nie bah...

Ninie Jane said...

Rosie.. Huhu yaba, ganjil dgr kan tiba2 dalam malay ni. yang jiwang brabis lagi tu lyrics. matila. huhuhu..