Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dream Places!

Me, Blyn, Kobie and Cely *SnowWorld*

Ok, I love this picture.

Ive always wanted to go to Overseas ( Dreams Do come Come True!! )

And my hubby hve been to Aussie & NZ few times!! ~ BESHHH NIE!~

And the reason why??

1. Snow? - Freak but i did wish for it in every Christmas!

2. Experience - i need them for my children. *Wink*

And of course, for a person who LOVES to travel - Overseas is a MUST. There's still MANY and MANY parts of the world i need to go!! and i really wanna go. Who doesnt?

Tapi tempat sendiri pun belum habis round lagi.. *LOL macammana ni? :P but, Dreams DO come true XD

ME Wishing on Stars*******

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