Saturday, September 13, 2008

* Island *

This afternoon i went to Borneo Paradise with my Dear, BBey, Cyah and Perez for the room reservation and inspection. It was so nice to be there, again, for the second time. But this time, I had the chance to walk around and EVEN got a chance - went to the island by WALKING. Yes, by walking.

It was my first time in my life walking heading to an island. No speed boats and no perahu. All depend on my feet to get me to the virgin island. Air pasang surut ba that moment, thats why can jalan go there hehe. Quite far i can say, took us 1 hour to reached there. Sweating of course. But the view was extremely beautiful. Breathtaking and peaceful. Makes me realize that apart of the busy city we're having, there's still a place you can go to realize how beautiful earth can be. Did i tell you im a nature lover? hehe..

And oo ya, it was Sunset the moment we heading back to the land. I mean, to the beach. There's only Me, Cyah and Bbey actually took the chances. My dear and the two guys decided to be the beach model :P . They in fact, looked like these Sabahan baywatchs standing and watching us witnessing the amazing creation. Hehe.. Again, the view was fabulous and i won't trade anything for the experience i had there.

*Island... Island.. Here we come..*

* The island im talking about!!*

Me and Cyah heading to the island... :)

"Yesh!! we're ready to go!!!"

" We're on camera? "

The way. Haha..

Brassiere on the sand?? Are you kidding me? I thought it was only HUMAN wear this!

Yay!! almost there!!

almossssstt there my dearrr.....

Cyah " Ohh i dont think we can cross this. The water is getting high... ~sighs~ "

The small crab we've found!

Siput! hehe

Weee.. got this hidup tapak sulaiman also ehh..

Need i say more?

Wait a sec.... Where's the picture we finally step on the island???

Naaaa, we actually ALMOST reached there hehe.. only a few metres..yup, only a few metres.. The water looked deep as our thighs already, so taking the risk to cross over is a big NO hehe.. someday, i hope. Perhaps on Monday. Maybe. hehe

Sayang ni tia dapat go there. tapi best jugala jalan d tengah laut sebelum air pasang balik hehe

Thanks dear for today! :)



Kobie Vanessa said...

atok ada juga bra ka tepi pantai hahaha!!

Kadus_Mama said...

adeh!!!!! tu kutang tu bah?? jadi ikan berenang2 di laut kah?? hahaha

Ninie Jane said...

haha sa ingat manusia sja ba pakai kutang :D