Wednesday, September 3, 2008

* Holiday *

Ok, first of all i'd like to wish " HAPPY MERDEKA DAY!!" - i know2. it's 3rd of September already but we've been merdeka everyday since 31st.08.1957 .. so, it's not that late huh? and i must say happy everyday merdeka! :P

I didn't celebrate it neither with fireworks nor flags. But i did wish for a happiness in Malaysia. ~ Good excuse for such a loyal citizen ~ anyway, i went to a holiday with My sister Kobie, Her friends and my bestfriend, Cely. It was a remarkable journey i can tell.

1st Day - Went to Shopping ( Bought few items.. ) and evening, we went to Red Box, Karaoke, Pavilion ( I love singing! haha ). Went home ( Pantai Hillpark Condo ) at 2.15am

2nd Day - Breakfast at Dave's Corner ( Nice roti canai one! ) , went to Genting Highlands and evening, we went had this BBQ Party at this swimming pool. They had this Surprised birthday celebration for my sister - They threw her in the pool!! Cannot stop laughing that moment :P - Went home around 12 midnight :)

3rd Day - Shopping again, it was so sad we had to rush back go to the airport and still, there were many things i haven't bought huhuhu... we back to KK at 6.22pm, arrival 8.55 pm.

It was a short holiday for the pre-reunion. But i had a lot of fun esp the time i went up to Genting Highlands with the Cable car ( Genting Skyway). Im a freaking-scared of height and can u imagine im holding the chair so damn tight - screamed all the way up to the pit stop. Hurmm.. hehe I even challenge my own self with the Flying coaster and again, im really good in screaming. haha.. I just hate the height!!!!

* SnowWorld *
* Red-Box *

* Done singing!! *

* Cable Car *

* me and Buddy Cely *

* BBQ *

* Sister with the cake *

* Flying Coaster! *

We had the chance to meet My sister's bestfriend, kadusmama... Weee... She had this gorgeous a pair of children. Kadus, Why you look so skinny already oo.. huhuhu

p/s : will upload the picture real soon :)

And im having a great time there..

So, KL - See you again in December :)

Niniejane with love.peace and mickeymouse :)



Kadus_Mama said...

Wah!!!! punya best kamu..enjoynya!!!
Did you try the space shot in genting?? I almost died naik that thing last time!!! hahahahaa punya scary!
Glad you and kobie and cely had fun here in kl last week! Jeles pulak sia.. :)
Oh by the way..sia nie nda cukup makan bah nie..hahahahaha!! thats why i look skinny..but jan lupa, my baju pun deceptive juga..ekekeke

tanakvagu said...

enmmmm..udang pangang ka?

sedap bah itu arr..boleh sya minta sikit? hehe..sya suka tengo suasana kamu yg sederhana.bagus sekali.klo sya ada sya masak j untuk kamu... :)