Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Baby-Born

I was watching CSI-NY when suddenly my sister found a card which was for me, from my dear friend, Nathalie. Weeee.....
And since it was in Dutch, we thought it was a wedding invitation.
i was like " weee.. im going to Netherland?? "
harap2 ni.. hehe
sebab tia faham kan *LOL
Until we saw a new name, weight and baby image, we pretty sure it was actually a new baby born card :) Yes, Nathalie has already become a MOMMY.
Time flies so fast!!
I've been friends with Nath since i was 15.
We shared stories, girl's stuff - Celebrities, Guys, hobbies..etc
weeeee... im so happy for her..

Her Baby's name : Tristhan Sunario

Date of Birth : 12 August 2008 ( I Know!! Dad didnt told me about the card!!)

Weight : 2740 Gram

Congrats Nathalie and Mehmet!!!


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