Monday, September 29, 2008



*HWK- Hari Warga Kampus

Went to Pace Bene, Papar last saturday and went back on sunday afternoon last sunday for this HWK - the second time i joined it. It's healing my soul. Yep. Renew my spirit. Refresh my faith. And im glad i decided to join it at the very last minute.

so, there were like 400+ students joined the program, all from IPTA/S around Sabah. Banyak ni :)

Reality Games - A-Frame.. beshh!!

Reality games # 2 - Eletronic poll. We had to cross the bamboo without touching it. Cross from above. Funny but i dunno how to say it here.. hehe

The scenery from the canteen :)

CSG UiTM - Jane, Elsie, Peetot, Bbey and me. Happy mau balik ni hehe

with Roseanne, my orang kampung.. *minimize was done :P

Green - Bring back you to the nature :P CSG UiTM

Banner! Looking good

Sister Terry looking at the crowd.

We had ArcBishop John Lee during the mass and i even got my two rosaries blessed by him. Weeeee..... So many peoples trying to take picture with him and i didnt have the chance to do so.. Berebut bah. In the end, i became the one who took their pictures with him Huhu

I love the moment we sang the songs. Me and Peetot planned to do this ulat @ Keretapi pusing-pusing and jadi nie.. hehe besh nie!!! When you have all the peoples joining you at the back, singing together pusing-pusing hehe

Hopefully i can join it again next year. As a pelawat, perhaps?

Last Day HWK-12 :)


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chegu carol said...

Wow! HWK has really evolved from the first time it was organized. And boy...HWK12? 12 years had gone by since the first HWK. How time really flies. :)