Friday, September 12, 2008

Daddy to Daughter

Ok, i learned some things or perhaps, had just realized something bad that im actually done it for quite awhile. I mean, things that i had NEVER thought i'll hurt people by doing so. Not until my Dad said it to me during dinner just now Huhu....Trust me, i have NO mean at all.

It is more like Daddy to daughter learning session and I really cannot say it here but Dad surely had opened up my mind. :) About sensitivities. Not all people the same. I get it. Ok. Oh Daddy, i wish he knew that. That i didnt mean anything. Not even crossed in my mind.

So, im telling myself to change a bit. Not exactly the way i am. Just a few things need to be fixed. From how i cursed alot? Nope! that cannot be changed.. Hey, it comes natural. When you upset, you said things that makes you happy, when you mad, you said words that satisfy you and when you happy, you'll say things that you want to say. Automatically. haha.. Oo dear, i dunno what im crappy here.

It's getting late.


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Kobie Vanessa said...

muahahahah nah kan dah kena heheh