Wednesday, September 17, 2008

* MC *

Well.. another class was cancelled this afternoon. Cheers for that altho i know the fact, that we have to replace it someday and it's going to be ANY day.

and, tomorrow's morning class also postponed. I should get back to home but i lost my key. Huhu... i mean, i dunno where i placed it. Clumsy. O yeah. Finally, yesh, i do my group project.. wahaha.. it is not really that 'complete' but at least, ive done something. So, i deserve applause. hehe the fact? Im such a snail. It was given 2 months ago and i only managed do it today :P haha..

and OMG, It's rainning all day!! I had my wet heels with me. And my hair. my sweater also. Luckily, Tracey let me ride with her this morning. Otherwise, i'll be surely heading to my room instead of the class. Who can go to class with wet clothes and books? Trust me, my classmates will still turn the airCond on.

Well, it's a long day to go. Hope the best :)
Gotta go.
Cheers 4 The rain!

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