Friday, March 5, 2010

4am in the morning.

Oh. i almost got heart attacked this early morning.
my phone kept ringing but i didnt picked it up. I didnt hear it actually, i thought the music was playing in my dream. lame!

2 missed calls : Riky

My brother.
somethings wrong?
then my Paparazzi - Lady Gaga ringing again. This time, i managed to pick up.

Riky: Ninie, ko mana?
Me: Ruma, di likas. knapa?
Riky: oo
Me: knapa?
Riky: sa kna langgar tadi.

Dupp! Jatuh jantung sa. I imagined something really terrible happened! He was all alone at Ranau, mum & dad went to Kota Marudu for my nenek's funeral [a man but id prefer calling him nenek].. and we're miles away from him.. so it was really got us to death. But thank God, nothing bad happened to him. Just a few wounds.. and he's okay. Altho he was admitted to ward one night.

EXTRA CAREFUL bha next time riki ..
& also to the bus driver - where's your eyes ooo!!

Haish. Bikin suspen kan?

By the way, my sister finally - officially - M A R R I E D!
hoho Congratulations sista! :D
& to my B-I-L : welcome to the family!
cepat2 la ada baby. hehe

cheers for now.
To all drivers out there : PLEASE . drive careful. someone's might be in trouble because of your careless.

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Cath J said...

Oh Thank God he is OK... sometimes if my phone ring on the middle of the night or morning.. my heart sure pumping... takut got bad news.. ^_^

and congrats to your sister... ^_^